The Nerdy Bartender

The Nerdy Bartender

7 Episodes

Bartender and geek culture devotee Stacey Roy creates quirky cocktails based on comic books, pop culture, and meta-nerd lifestyle.

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The Nerdy Bartender
  • Hail Caesar

    Episode 1

    Stacey Roy makes a Caesar, a classic Canadian cocktail with similar origins to the Bloody Mary.

  • Simpsons Donut

    Episode 2

    Stacey Roy makes a boozy Simpson's inspired donut from scratch.

  • Carnival
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    Stacey presents 3 carnival-inspired cocktails more difficult to make than that damn hoop toss game.

  • Holy Hand Grenade

    Episode 4

    Inspired by the famous Monty Python weapon, Stacey makes her most dangerous cocktail yet.

  • PoiJito
    Episode 5


    Episode 5

    In celebration of Halloween, Stacey channels her inner Doctor Horrible to concoct a drink that's deadly delicious!

  • Venom
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    Stacey Roy recreates an alien symbiote cocktail inspired by Marvel Comic villain Venom.

  • Trippin'
    Episode 7


    Episode 7

    Stacey concocts a color tripping, flavor changing, mind blowing cocktail of the senses.