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I is for Inebriation

Drinktionary, Season 1, Episode 9 – 3m 20s

Up Next in Season 1

  • J is for Julep

    The basics of the Julep are as simple as cocktail making gets and comes in many forms... in actuality, the Julep pre-dates the modern cocktail and was known for sharing in the 1850's thanks to Mr. John Dabney.

  • K is for Keg

    Beer used to be served warm and barely carbonated (the horror). That is, until John Wafting invented the beer pump in 1688, which kickstarted a wave of new inventions that resulted in the creation of the glorious keg that brewers know and love.

  • L is for Liqueur

    Whether you have trouble pronouncing it, spelling it - or both - there's no denying that a proper understanding of liqueur is a key pillar in your quest to become a more educated drinker.