17 Episodes

Host Matthew Latkiewicz takes us through the A-Z's of a beloved international pastime: drinking!

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  • A is for Alcohol

    Episode 1

    Alcohol by any other name is methane. Explore the early origins of booze and all the ways it's changed to become your favorite adult beverage.

  • B is for Bartender

    Episode 2

    Go behind the bar to shed some light on the stewards of the sauce.

  • C is for Cocktail

    Episode 3

    Learn more about the cocktail, made famous in Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide back in 1862!

  • D is for Dale Degroff

    Episode 4

    Have a look at the Rainbow Room's Legendary King of Cocktails and the difference between a mixed drink and that crap you drank in college.

  • E is for Egg Whites

    Episode 5

    Explore the cocktail's most polarizing ingredient: the egg white. Does it lead to a frothy dream or a slimy disaster?

  • F is for Flask

    Episode 6

    Learn why the flask is the must have accessory for any honest Drinker.

  • G is for Grog

    Episode 7

    Learn how five shots a day and Admiral Sir. Edward Vernon created this 1740's colonial classic: Grog.

  • H is for Hangover

    Episode 8

    No good deed goes unpunished as we explore the hangover.

  • I is for Inebriation

    Episode 9

    Venture into the truly great unknown: Inebriation.

  • J is for Julep

    Episode 10

    The basics of the Julep are as simple as cocktail making gets and comes in many forms... in actuality, the Julep pre-dates the modern cocktail and was known for sharing in the 1850's thanks to Mr. John Dabney.

  • K is for Keg

    Episode 11

    Beer used to be served warm and barely carbonated (the horror). That is, until John Wafting invented the beer pump in 1688, which kickstarted a wave of new inventions that resulted in the creation of the glorious keg that brewers know and love.

  • L is for Liqueur

    Episode 12

    Whether you have trouble pronouncing it, spelling it - or both - there's no denying that a proper understanding of liqueur is a key pillar in your quest to become a more educated drinker.

  • M is for Martini

    Episode 13

    Maximum flavor and minimal ingredients make the Martini the one drink no one should F-up.

  • N is for New Orleans

    Episode 14

    A legendary city known for jazz, beignets, Mardi Gras, and open container laws.

  • O is for Orgeat

    Episode 15

    We dare you to try and pronounce the name of this quintessential tiki drink ingredient.

  • P is for Prohibition

    Episode 16

    A dry run through America's sad sober stint.

  • Q is for Quinine

    Episode 17

    The magical ingredient that means your gin and tonic could theoretically cure Malaria.