Daily Drink

Daily Drink

24 Episodes

Creative mixologists share original recipes and put new twists on classic favorites in this short form series that celebrates the art of the cocktail.

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Daily Drink
  • Cold Brew Martini

    Episode 1

    Noted mixologist Brian Klemm riffs on the classic Espresso Martini in a drink designed to wake you up and F you up.

  • Blanca Negroni

    Episode 2

    See how mezcal updates this iconic Italian cocktail with Jade Estabillo's Southern California take on the Negroni.

  • The Redtail

    Episode 3

    Learn to make an LA-original featuring Brandy, Grapefruit, and Pomegranate Vapor with champion mixologist Jason Yu (2017 May Mixoff Winner).

  • Caprese Martini

    Episode 4

    Mixologist Nicole Phillips makes an original cocktail inspired by a famous Italian appetizer, the Caprese Martini.

  • The Greens

    Episode 5

    Learn to make Pasadena's Sip-tember winner Jason Yu's award winning green cocktail.

  • Boulevardier

    Episode 6

    Learn how to make expert mixologist Jason Yu's (Winner, 2018 SF Spirit Competition) Boulevardier: The Negroni's long lost autumnal cousin.

  • Rum Punch
    Episode 7

    Rum Punch

    Episode 7

    Drink extraordinaire Brian Klemm mixes SelvaRey White Rum to make this crisp, refreshing version of a Rum Punch.

  • Hotel Nacional

    Episode 8

    Brian Klemm whips up this delicious classic named after the Hotel Nacional in Havana.

  • Cuba Libre

    Episode 9

    Watch as the popular Cuba Libre gets a slight twist with Brian Klemm's cola reduction.

  • Night Cap
    Episode 10

    Night Cap

    Episode 10

    Jade Estabillo reveals the perfect drink to end a night with her signature Night Cap cocktail featuring Damiana liqueur and chamomile tea.

  • On Holiday
    Episode 11

    On Holiday

    Episode 11

    You won't need a vacation when sipping on LA master mixologist Jade Estabillo's rum and ginger beer On Holiday.

  • Coco Amore
    Episode 12

    Coco Amore

    Episode 12

    Mixologist Ace Conlon makes a refreshing grapefruit sprits, the Coco Amore.

  • Cloud People

    Episode 13

    Mixologist Ace Conlon fuses hot and smokey flavors in this ancho pepper spiced mezcal cocktail.

  • Brown Derby
    Episode 14

    Brown Derby

    Episode 14

    Award winning mixologist Jason Yu (2017 May Mixoff Winner) shows us how three easy ingredients make up this tart classic cocktail.

  • Manhattan
    Episode 15


    Episode 15

    Award winning mixologist Jason Yu (Winner, 2018 SF Spirit Competition) shows us how to make one of only six drinks featured in David Embury's Classic The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks.

  • Rosa Margarita

    Episode 16

    Jade Estabillo expertly constructs her spin on the classic margarita.

  • BrewDog Punk IPA Shandy

    Episode 17

    Noted mixologist Jade Estabillo crafts the perfect beer cocktail featuring BrewDog Punk IPA and Cointreau.

  • Daiquiri
    Episode 18


    Episode 18

    Hands down one of Brian Klemm's favourites - the Daiquiri. Created by an American Miner, this delicious drink is only as good as its worst ingredient - so be sure to use the best.

  • Mother's Juice

    Episode 19

    Brian Klemm astounds us all with his take on Mother's Juice - swapping out champagne for kombucha. Get your umami tastebuds at the ready.

  • Rye Old Fashioned

    Episode 20

    This aromatic upscale of the original bittered sling from LA's master mixologist Jason Yu is sure to put some fire in your belly with 50% ABV rye whiskey.

  • Whiskey Sour

    Episode 21

    Never hit a sour note again with LA's master bartender Jason Yu's tried and true Whiskey Sour Recipe.

  • The Ernest
    Episode 22

    The Ernest

    Episode 22

    Agave, blanco tequila, and grapefruit make up Jade Estabillo's perfect Ernest.

  • Lavender Fields Forever

    Episode 23

    Learn why Jade Estabillo considers this drink the perfect introduction to gin.

  • Remember The Maine

    Episode 24

    Who doesn't want to be taught how to make a drink inspired by the sinking of an American naval ship?