Are You Smarter Than A Drunk Person

Are You Smarter Than A Drunk Person

6 Episodes

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Are You Smarter Than A Drunk Person
  • Griffin vs. Dr. Nicole

    Episode 1

    Can a high school basketball coach withstand the acute intellect of a Ph.D. trivia master? Dr. Nicole has had almost an entire bottle of there may be hope for Griffin.

  • Clark vs. Preston

    Episode 2

    Clark is an app developer and water polo coach. He takes on Preston, who is a member of Mensa and survived being struck by lightning at 8 years old. Did the lightning give him mental superpowers? Is it enough to counteract the effects of lots of rum?

  • Matthew vs. Rick

    Episode 3

    Can an Emmy-nominated writer who earned 12 years of college credits in 1 year, outsmart a man who penned a book entitled You Suck at Drinking? Tune in to find out!

  • Cari vs. Nate

    Episode 4

    Nate has degrees from Harvard, Cambridge and Princeton. What does Cari have to worry about?

  • Maurice vs. Rob

    Episode 5

    Will large amounts of Guinness be enough to level the playing field between a medical student and an international pub quiz champion?

  • Max vs. Eric

    Episode 6

    Eric got a perfect score on the Math section of the GRE right after downing an IPA. What are the odds that Max can pull off a win after Eric has six (or seven) drinks?